Headlight Saver Program

There are two types of common headlight lenses, Glass and Plastic (Poly-carbonate).
When an object hits a glass headlight with reasonable force the damage is such that a hole though which moisture can penetrate is created. This is reason to fail your WOF/COF as the moisture will not only mist the reflector thus reducing light output, but can also alter the beam causing glare to other road users.
NOVUS apply a headlight skin which not only seals the headlight, but also protects against further damage, and can be done at nearly any location and is a cost effective alternative to replacement.  Headlight skins can be fitted to vehicles of all sizes including trucks.
Plastic lenses can become cloudy and discoloured. This is owing to oxidation caused by U.V. light and also reduces light output which can cause failure of WOF/COF. NOVUS can restore most lenses to like new condition either at our premises or at yours for less than the cost of a new set of headlights.

NOVUS not only restores the Headlight to Like New condition but applies a unique coating to protect them from further damage.