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Windscreen Repair

NOVUS Glass repairs are a highly effective alternative to replacing damaged windscreens – they are also far less costly and better for the environment as most windscreens today are not recycled but end up in landfills.

Since inventing Windscreen Repair in 1972, NOVUS Glass have carried out more than 25 million repairs in over 40 countries worldwide.

Stated simply, NOVUS Glass repairs are accomplished by injecting a specially formulated resin into the damaged area. The resin is then cured and polished to restore structural strength and clarity to the glass. All NOVUS Glass repairs are carried out to WOF/COF Standards and come with a Certificate of Compliance as well as the trusted nationwide NOVUS Glass Guarantee.

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Windscreen Replacement

We take your safety seriously

For generations, autoglass was relatively inexpensive, uncomplicated and easy to install.
Today’s windscreen is one of the Key Safety Features in your vehicle providing up to 70% of the Structural Strength necessary to support the roof in a Roll-Over Accident. It also provides the shield, against which Lifesaving Airbags Deploy.

The windscreen will only perform these functions if the adhesive that bonds it is strong enough and correctly applied. NOVUS Glass utilise S.R.P. adhesive and have exclusive rights to S.R.P. in N.Z. NOVUS Glass technicians are thoroughly trained and committed to keeping pace with the complexities of the modern vehicle.

With SRP TOTALSEAL adhesives, you know you’ll get fast and safe drive-way

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Recycling ♻️


Every year Hundreds of Thousands of Windscreens end up in Landfills across New Zealand. Every windscreen that is repaired is one less that pollutes our beautiful country.

Not only does NOVUS Glass boast the highest repair ratio of any company in the world, it has also partnered with 5R Solutions in Christchurch and together are pioneering the recycling of windscreens in New Zealand.

Allowable Damage


How to assess whether your chip or crack is in the Critical Vision Area of your windscreen. The location and type of damage may have an affect on whether your windscreen can be safely repaired.

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    More Detailed Information

    NOVUS Glass have a full-time Research and Development Department to ensure NOVUS Glass repair technology is kept up to date and maintained at the appropriate standards for each country.

    Windscreen Repair Technical
    Windscreen Replacement Technical

    Repair Guarantee

    NOVUS Glass Guarantee its repair will not crack further and will pass WOF/COF inspections for as long as you own the vehicle. Should the repair extend and not be repairable by NOVUS Glass, NOVUS Glass will replace your windscreen and deduct the repair price from the total.

    NOVUS Glass Guarantee its replacements against (a) water leaks resulting from replacement (b) manufacturing faults in the glass (c) faulty workmanship.

    The Guarantee does not cover body defects,rust or faulty rubber seals and mouldings.