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If you are in need of a windscreen replacement, you will need calibration for your ADAS System as well. At Novus we are proud to offer expert windscreen cameras recalibrations. We have a dedicated team of highly trained technicians to carry out the procedure safely and efficiently.

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About NOVUS Glass & ADAS System Calibration

As the leading windscreens repairer and replacement company in NZ, we have heavily invested in ADAS recalibration technology.

Now available in our branches all over NZ, we can provide windscreen replacement and camera calibration at the same time.

We closely work with our partner TEXA in Italy that have recently obtained a prestigious qualification certificate by TÜV Rheinland: the company, a world reference, released a product qualification certificate to TEXA, establishing that its tools are “equipment recognised and qualified”. Furthermore, the test results, in terms of vehicle performance, are the same as the ones that can be reached using the manufacturer’s original calibration.

Thanks to this new acknowledgement, NOVUS once again confirms the absolute quality of its products and New Zealand leadership as for equipment dedicated to glass technicians.
TEXA’s instrumentation dedicated to the world of ADAS allows restoring the proper operation of active safety systems with extreme precision, meeting all the specific requirements by the manufacturers, allowing both static and dynamic calibrations guaranteeing at the same time a very large vehicle coverage.

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Sensor calibration equipment
“TEXA’s instrumentation dedicated to the world of ADAS
allows restoring the proper operation of active safety
systems with extreme precision”

ADAS Sensors on Your Vehicle

Your vehicle contains many sensors which help to run your cars ADAS systems. Your Windshield camera plays an integral part of this so quality calabration is a necessity to ensure your safety and well being. Used in conjunction with IDC5 diagnostic software, TEXA’s ADAS solutions let you complete all operations quickly and intuitively. The application provides specific diagnostic help for each brand /model, along with instructions (and parameters for panel height, distance from the vehicle, alignment, etc.) to ensure the correct positioning of the calibration structure, and guides you step-by-step through all phases of the procedure. On completion of the calibration, you can even print out a report for your customer, showing the operations done.

ADAS Sensors breakdown



Adhering to The AGSA Standard aims to ensure the safest practices, products and processes for the Replacement and Calibration of New Zealand road vehicles requiring automotive glass damage remediation. Quality products, processes, and Technician capability, will set the minimum benchmark for all working in the automotive glass industry. Adherence to the Standard by vehicle glass repairers will provide peace of mind & safety for all New Zealand motorists.