Did you know that your windscreen is actually a major safety feature? So it pays to get someone who knows how to replace it correctly – NOVUS Glass! So when you get a crack, ask your insurer for us.

Remember – once you notice it, NOVUS it!

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Did you know that your windscreen is actually a big safety feature? Your windscreen accounts for 70% of your structural integrity during a roll over accident. So, it pays to get the pro’s to do it – NOVUS Glass!

Fixing your windscreen should just be done by ‘anyone’. Our team are always ahead of the game with training, and our service. You’ll deal with the best when you deal with NOVUS Glass!

Our NOVUS Glass branches are all locally owned and operated, so you know you’re going to get service from a friendly face. Once you notice it, simply call your local branch and NOVUS it!

When you have a cracked windscreen, you want to know that its going to be repaired safe, and fast! The NOVUS Glass system meets the British Repair Standards, so you know its going to give you peace-of-mind. Once you notice a crack, NOVUS it!

Did you know NOVUS Glass can come to you? Our mobile team are ready to come to your location to fix your windscreen! Its all part of our great service, and getting you back on the road faster. Remember – once you notice it, NOVUS it!

Did you know that our windscreen repairs meet the American Federal Crash Test regulations? Its good to know with NOVUS Glass, you’re dealing with the best!