Questions and Answers about Windscreen Repair

Questions and Answers about Windscreen Repair

How does the NOVUS Glass Repair make the Windscreen break nearly invisible?

The air space that results between the broken layer(s) of glass creates a visual distortion. That air space is filled with NOVUS Glass Resin and the air is removed. The cured NOVUS Glass Resin has the same average optical properties (index of light refraction) as a typical Windscreen.

Does a NOVUS Glass Repair make the break totally disappear?

No. There will be a small spot that remains at the point of impact known as the pit. The pit can be finished so smoothly that the former break is very difficult to find. Most technicians describe this spot as a water or bug spot.
Because of slight variations in glass manufacturing, there will be some Windscreens in which the repair will be slightly more visible than others. The Vale Tech Institute Report on Windscreen Repair state, “Chances are that an inspector would not even locate a repair if the inspector was not aware that the Windscreen had been damaged.”

Does the NOVUS Glass Resin really hold the break together so cracks won’t grow and cause the break to “crack out”?

Yes. When a Windscreen break is repaired correctly, assuming contaminants are removed, and radial or edge cracks are filled appropriately, the NOVUS Glass Repair is almost as strong as a new Windscreen.

How long does a NOVUS Glass Repair take?

On average, a NOVUS Glass Repair takes only 20 to 30 minutes.

Must the trim or moldings be removed to complete a Windscreen repair with a crack extending under the molding?

No. A NOVUS Glass Crack Repair can be completed successfully without having to remove any Windscreen trim or mouldings.

Must the repair be done indoors?

Not Many NOVUS Glass operators repair Windscreens outside However, the NOVUS Glass Resins do need to be protected from UV light to prevent premature curing. The NOVUS Glass Repair System has improved the operator’s ability to work in all weather conditions.

Can the vehicle be immediately driven after the NOVUS Glass Repair is completed?

Yes, assuming the NOVUS Glass Repair has been completely cured to NOVUS Glass factory specifications before the vehicle is moved.

Can the NOVUS Glass Repair System be used on the side or rear windows of vehicles?

In some cases, yes. The NOVUS Glass Repair System works on all laminated glass found in vehicles. Most sidelites and backlites installed on vehicles are tempered glass, although some newer vehicles have laminated sidelites and backlites. When struck hard enough to break, tempered glass shatters into hundreds of small pieces, and therefore is not repairable.

However, a good rule to follow is, if the break is of a recognizable nature (bullseye, combination star etc.), the break is on laminated glass and can be repaired by NOVUS.

Why should the customer choose NOVUS Glass over some other brand of Windscreen repair?

Since its beginnings in 1972, NOVUS Glass has established an industry reputation for providing quality materials, workmanship, service, and guarantee. With its products and factory training program, NOVUS Glass has a proven track record of repairing a greater number of breaks than any other Windscreen repair Provider. Bottom line you get the best value for your money with NOVUS Glass.

Can you bill my insurance company?

Yes we can! NOVUS Glass are a Preferred/Authorised Supplier to numerous Insurance Companies.

Can you replace my windscreen at my home or work?

Yes but in some instances due to weather or the complex technical nature of the vehicle the windscreen replacement is best carried out in a NOVUS Glass Workshop.

After the replacement how soon will I be able to drive my vehicle?

It usually takes about 1 -1 ½ hours to replace the windscreen and about another hour for the urethane to cure to a point where it is safe to drive your vehicle. How fast the urethane cures is dependent on Temperature and Humidity.